Silver Cross
"Because I made a promise," Shin-Ju said.
"I promise her that I'd be with her...
and help her take the consequences of making her own choices.
Now more than ever, I have to be with her.
I can't break that promise now. I won't.
Promises should be kept no matter what the cost."
-Shin-Ju to Lara (2nd test) -from: One Who Waits by : Mikey

Notice to Readers:
The articles posted here may be reflective of the author’s thoughts, but it is not a guarantee that those thoughts are still true at this present time.
Just think of yourself in front of the mirror, you see your reflection on a particular time, but that reflection changes as time pass.
Though not all, but it would definitely change. Thoughts change as well, though some remain unchanged.

Hide weakness and deftness.
Use both darkness and light.
Reveal clarity in obscurity.
In surrender become strong.
Christmas Wishlist 2011

Updated: 1/6/2012

[I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank those who gave me gifts~ Even if it's not posted here, you'll be sure that your gifts are well appreciated..Till the next Christmas~ :) ]

1. World Peace.

2. Global Warming will be gone.

3. The Filipinos will be better.

I made this note/ post/ article to inform those who might be interested to give me a Christmas gift.

I really wanted those 3 that I enumerated above.

Since they are intangible, I thought hard enough so I could find things that I wanted.

I thought I wouldn't want anything. Honestly, I rarely appreciate anything in the market. Unless it was handcrafted or it was given to me.


1. In case you decided to give me anything from the list, please comment or PM me. I might revise it and write your name beside that item. :D

2. I may cross out items that I bought already. = I love giving gifts to myself.

3. I also prefer exchanging gifts. If you wanted anything tangible or intangible, I am free for negotiation. HAHA. It might be fun as well. Right?

4. These are just random things that I thought about. I would surely buy all these in due time.

5. I still prefer gifts that "you" like. Provided that you'll give a reason why you would give me that.

(Feeler mode)

[Copy pasted from last year.. With minor revisions.. :P]

As I reviewed my Wishlist last year.. I was really surprised that I almost got all that I listed.. :))

So for 2012...

Item #: 01

Quantity: 1

Item: 1 year Subscription of Kerygma Magazine

Cost: Php 600

Location: Shepherd's Voice Publications Inc.

Status: Granted - c/o Myself

Priority: High

Item #: 02

Quantity: 1

Item: Team Manila: Macho Manila Shirt

Cost: $ 14

Location: Team Manila Online Exclusive

Status: Available

Priority: Moderate

Side Note: Size is Medium (for girls), Shirt Print would be: "Umasal Lamang Nang Ayon Sa Ganda"

Item #: 03

Quantity: n/a

Item: Paulo Coelho Book

Cost: Php 245 or less

Location: Bookstores / Recto

Status: Granted by Roxanne - Warrior of The Light: A Manual; and Aleph

Priority: Moderate

Side note: Size should be the standard 17 cm x 10 cm. Not necessarily new. Used and paperback editions are preferable.

Item #: 04

Quantity: 1

Item: 'The Alchemist: A Graphic Novel' by Paulo Coelho

Cost: Php 899

Location: Fully Booked, SM Mall of Asia

Status: Granted by Roxanne

Priority: Moderate

Item #: 05

Quantity: 1

Item: Paulo Coelho Moments Day Planner 2012

Cost: Php 545

Location: National Bookstore, SM Mall of Asia

Status: Granted by Roxanne

Priority: High

Item #: 06

Quantity: 1

Item: The Holy Bible (New International Version)

Cost: Php 500 or less

Location: Bookstores

Status: Available

Priority: High

Side note: Size should be the usual 16 cm x 11 cm. Not necessarrily Hard Bound. Preferably Black. There should be a thumb index.

Item #: 07

Quantity: 1

Item: Stress Ball

Cost: Php 30 or less

Location: Gift Stores, Bookstores, etc.

Status: Granted by Roxanne

Priority: Moderate

Side note: I rarely burst into anger or anything... but then.. I know this would help me. HAHA. I hope there would be a stress ball that is a bit bigger than the usual. I find the usual stress balls quite small for my really big hands.. -_-;

Item #: 08

Quantity: 1

Item: Swirl Lollipop

Cost: Php 100 or less

Location: Candy Stores, Supermarkets, etc.

Status: Granted by Roxanne

Priority: High

Side note: Size should be at least 4 inches in diameter. I've been looking for this candy for quite some time...and I haven't seen any swirl candy that is as huge as 4 inches. :(

[Will update the list from time to time *whistles]

A blessed Christmas to all ! :D

Legend: n/a - No limit in quantity.

D.N. Entry dated: 12.12.11

As I crossed the street again...
I caught a glimpse of the letters I couldn't forget...
Then the numbers followed...

I was sure of the last.
I stopped, stared, and looked again..
Was it you?


I'm just glad that our paths crossed...
...even though I'm not sure of it.
S*B* [Coffee] Tambay

D.N. Entry last March 16,2011

Due to insistent and consistent demand of 'Prince,' [Prince Charming, or Prince Caspian, or Frog Prince.. haha] I finally decided to write this article. I know you wouldn't like it. :P

WARNING: This is another rant post. So, if you disagree on some parts, might as well comment or forever hold your peace.

I can attest that I'm a coffee drinker. It is rooted since I was in high school esp. during my senior year that I almost depended on coffee. Those were the times that I learned to stay until the wee hours of the night just to play Ragnarok or surf the net. My day at school would just be zombie-like if I didn't have my coffee in the morning.

There are a couple of times that I became coffee-dependent. I even have coffee's withdrawal symptoms from time to tome. Good thing I was able to manage my "coffee" again.

Contrary to that, I was never fond of Coffee shops esp. the well-known S*B* Coffee, [I'd refer that to SBC from now on] particularly, the environment and the community there. I'm not discriminating in any way, in fact, if you are like me who goes to SBC like any other customer in a restaurant who orders a drink, or eat at a usual pace then leave as courtesy to other customers, then you wouldn't bother hating me because of this article. /:)

Why I hate the community?

1. SBC & I suppose other shops like those became a ground for people who just brag about "social status." Indeed, a regular drink there cost a fortune to some, but then, would your status really alleviate after drinking a Grande Frappe?

2. I can't really help myself from laughing after seeing [through the glass walls] customers sitting side by side using their laptop just to surf the internet! Gosh, they can't even afford to have internet at home or even that flash drive-like internet hype today? [Whatever you call that]

Side note: I might do this as well, If I'm on a serious top secret mission (i.e. to hack something or whatever) . I would use the net at the farthest branch that I could be. My IP address would be detected I guess, but not my location at home! *evil grin*

3. Then there are a lot of people who flash gadgets. Seriously, we all know if we are really using a gadget or if we are merely flaunting it right?

4. The word "Coffee" is often attached to their stores, but where is the coffee when all that I could see is the air-like bubble thing in Frappes? Then you would mix a lot of things just to conceal the taste of coffee? How in the world could you objectively appreciate the varieties of coffee when you can't even appreciate it on its very original brew?

5. The worst among the reasons I cited I think is STUDYing in a coffee shop. esp. when it is crowded. Although I think both cases apply. So there, you can't study at home, (I suppose you don't have a study table) or if you are studying in groups, perhaps you don't have a good library in your school. Or maybe, you just want to flaunt in a coffee shop. Seriously, where is your brain thinking about a simple courtesy to other people when you have consumed 3 hours sitting there when other customers should have used that place?

I don't really hate SBC or other coffee shops, in fact, I am fascinated about their strategy on how they drag cutomers for their own benefit even if they are pricing their goods in a high price. Unfortunately, they also sacrifice a lot by acquiring more seats and store area just to accommodate those customers who overstays.

My challenge: SBC et al. should open a branch where there are many people.. (e.g. University Belt!) but to save on costs, (while acquiring a bunch of customers as well) they should make it like a "Zagu" or shake outlet setting - Where you would just order and wait for your name to be called. Then the customers (or students at U-belt) would just flaunt it in their school. Show off your Venti! *evil grin* Don't you love Coffee?

Before I end this article, I would just like to say that I gave SBC a "chance." To provide justification about my rants, I even tried almost all of the drinks, cakes, cookies, etc. I even got their 2011 (Red) Velvet Planner! Imagine, I started on the very first day (Nov. 3, 2010) and I got my planner even before the month ended. What is so cool about the planner? Nothing. It is just another by product of reason #1 I provided above. I found a lot of good planners with an impressive content at a cost farther than what I actually spent just to acquire it.

To be objective on my critic, below are the pictures of the drinks I had. I opted to have frappes since they are the favorite of the community. I made a separate review on every flavor. But then I'm lazy to write it here.

Bottom line: I'm not really impressed. Nothing beats the original aroma and taste of black coffee. [Okay I would add a little sugar then] Mmmmm....

Next on my list: Alamid Coffee ~ I'd buy you soon! >:)

Idle Asset

D.N. entry last March 15, 2011

Side note: In depth appreciation might be expected to those who studied or have knowledge in accounting.

Every parent could / would say that their children are their 'Investment' [Investment is the commitment of money or capital to the purchase of financial instruments or other assets so as to gain profitable returns in the form of interest, dividends, or appreciation of the value of the instrument (capital gains).] In other words, an investment is expected to give returns from that something given out.(e.g money) Following that deduction, then children are in fact expected to return whatever their parents gave out for them [plus interests?] . I'm just quite not sure if it should be monetary.

Then I pondered, can I consider myself as an "Investment?" As of this moment, I haven't given any "return" to my parents, sufficient enough to be called "return." In fact, I always incur expenses! It could be tolerated if it was 'incidental costs' but then I think my parents are incurring 'extraordinary expenses' already. Is this even capitalizable? Their supposed to be 'Accounts Receivable' term was even extended that an increase in 'allowance' was needed. I just hope that it won't turn into 'writing-off' due to aging.

I thought I couldn't be an 'Investment' then. An 'asset' perhaps. Yeah, and 'Idle Asset.' Still of no use, and incurs expenses from time to time. 'Storage costs' anyone? I'm still hoping for myself, in fact an 'Idle Asset' still has 'Asset' in its name. I wonder, will selling it or keeping it be more beneficial? Oh God, please don't make me a 'Liability.'

What are you?

Are you a good 'investment' just like the other children in the world?
On Receipts & Invoices

D.N. entry last Feb. 11, 2011

WARNING: Contains rantings that would affect sensitive people or organizations esp. to some issues. This is based on actual experiences, actual names are not mentioned since I'm still civilized.

Receipt - A written acknowledgment that a specified article or sum of money has been received as an exchange for goods or services.

Invoice - A commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer.

Since high school, I got an unusual tendency to keep receipts, invoices, or other memorabilia stuffs. Maybe it is because I usually love to remember the past, and it is funny to think that I bought that particular item. Out of necessity or impulse I guess.

I think I developed this tendency to keep source documents, [Source documents are a critical part of an audit trail for establishing the authenticity, and tracing the history, of a transaction.] because of my mom. She is really good when it comes to assuming costs, esp. expenses. At my young age, we were obliged to make a list of expenses from the money she gave.

For example, when I and my sis were having our TKD lessons in Pasong Tamo way back 8 years ago [I guess]. We would usually take a cab on our way there and when we go home. We would eat at "Hungry Hippo," and drink a random coffee at Starbucks everyday. [Damn, I thought I never did that]. We were given an allowance and we would prepare a list of expenses based from our receipts. We are a bit limited with what she gives us. That is when my dad would secretly gives us money. Translation: This wouldn't need a liquidation report. [Definition pending]

Until now, I still find it hard to throw away those source documents even if I don't need it for my mom. I learned to demand receipts as well! It was then on my senior year, that I learned in my subject Auditing Theory and Auditing Problems on the topic Internal Control [Internal Control are Systematic measures (such as reviews, checks and balances, methods and procedures) instituted by an organization...] that those source documents play a vital role not only in embezzlement cases, but also in nonpayment of tax.

Simply said, no receipts means No recorded transaction = As if no sale took place = Money is pocketed by the cashier = No tax to compute since there was [as if] no transaction.

STORY 01 - "The Pandesal"

One of my many unforgettable experiences was when I was asked to buy our all-time favorite bread, "Pandesal" at a nearby bakeshop. Although, I really love bread in general, but that is saved for another article. As I paid for the bread, I noticed that they had a price increase already. The cashier also affirmed that. After I was given my change, I noticed that I don't have my receipt. ( I need this since my mom knows the old price as well) I asked her about it, and she gave me a surprised look that turned into a dismay after she pressed a few buttons to the cash register.

Translation: She entered my transaction just after I actually paid for it!

Realization: That cashier is definitely not recording all sales.

The boss would be looking at an understated sales for that day. [Understate - to enter in an account a figure that is lower than the actual figure]

Follow up: My mom went home one day, complaining about the cashier in that bakeshop.

The reason: The cashier didn't issue a receipt.

Bottom line: The cashier actually pocketed the money paid by the customers. Poor Boss.

Follow up 2: Just a few days ago, my mom complained again about that cashier. She even saw the cash register with just a few money in it. *sighs to the boss*

STORY 02 - "The Fast food chain"

Another instance was when we ate/ bought food from a local fast food chain. We bought the food for our other office mates as well when we realized that we were not given our receipt.

Bottom line: It's hard to remember how much each food costs!

Follow up: Me & my sis ate there again, when I paid for our food (but she had to deal with the cashier). When she was paying for her food to me after we ate, I realized that she didn't demand for the receipt. *woops*

STORY 03 - "The Drink"

A worse scenario took place when I went to a widely known convenience store. I bought my favorite drink. (Favorite as in I would buy it whenever I have a class) After I was given my change, I went to the nearby seat to fix my wallet. I realized that she did not give me the receipt. *yawns* I suddenly approached her and asked for it, when she replied in an irritated tone,

"Ano po ba binili niyo?" "Dapat kanina niyo pa sinabi."

Translation: "What did you buy?" "You should have informed me earlier."

Good thing I was in a good mood (Since I was really early for my class) that I replied telling her only the drink I bought. She handed me my crumpled receipt fresh from the plastic bag beside her.

Conclusion: So her tendency was to throw every receipt straight to the bag! Very Nice! [sarcasm]

I went out of the store staring at her intently, memorizing her face. I did not gave her a bad stare. I just stared at her intently. If I wasn't in a good mood, I could have mocked her that a receipt was supposedly given to the customer [SOP] and not to be thrown in a plastic bag! She even posed an accusing attitude that I was wrong since I didn't inform her earlier? Damn! Should I really inform her about her duties? And besides, I asked her about my receipt roughly almost a minute ago. Is that too long?

The main reason why I demanded for my receipt: The drink I bought includes a special promo where you could win, a free fitness first membership [I guess] , a Php 3,000 worh of FC for "The Spa," [I like this] a trip to Boracay, and more. Imagine, I have almose 5 entries per week? I should win! Haha.

Hmm.. The next time she'll do this to me, I'll surely inform her manager *Evil Lyra*

STORY 04 - "The Original Book"

As of this moment, the worst thing that happened to me with this issue was when I bought books in a particularly well known [if not the only known] review school for some people. The first instance was when a woman gave me the books and handed me my change. I demanded my receipt (of course) after that since I'll be preparing a liquidation report for my mom. As usual, I got a deep stare and she was angrily writing at an OR slip in triplicate (I guess). She handed me the original copy that almost fell since she seemingly thrown it from the window. I shrugged off that feeling when I decided to come back a week later to purchase more books.

This time, an old man attended to me. He was like irritated by the students already when he finally let me buy the books, after making me wait for an hour and a half just to find out that he was scheduled to finish his crossword puzzle in the newspaper. As usual, he did not give me a receipt. I waited for the other students to finish their inquiries before I asked him for it. To my surprise, I got the worst answer I got far from what I imagined. In an irritating tone that could be translated that I should go away, he told me:

"Ay! Hindi kami nagbibigay ng resibo dito."

Translation: "We do not issue receipts here."

Me? I was so surprised that I gave a reply, "Ah, Okay."

Then I went home.

Why am I [so] over reacting: I purposely bought those books there since I wanted to abide with the rules and ethics of my future profession. I could have bought those books in Recto where an exact copy were sold there at half the price. I did not do it since I wanted to give them the Royalties. [Royalties is the share paid to a writer or composer out of the proceeds resulting from the sale or performance of his or her work] To my greatest dismay, It turned out that I'm giving royalties to the richest people that does not even pay tax properly.

How did I came to conclude that? Who will guess that I bought those books? An honest accountant? Will my almost Php 2,000 worth of books significantly influence the tax they will pay? Yeah, it is indeed immaterial! [Of no importance or relevance; inconsequential or irrelevant.] How about those other Php 2,000 worth of books bought by other students? I wonder how many are they. Still immaterial? *raises eyebrow*

A reason that the taxes that would be paid would just go to "corrupt" officials is the lamest excuse that could possibly thrown to me. So, will you join their club in doing your petty illegal matters knowing that everybody's doing it? What a small brain indeed. *sighs* I'm just overly happy that I did not decide to attend my review classes there.

Final Reminder: Demand your right, Demand for your receipt.

*Rantings turned off*
Very early for Valentines Day

Article from: Fish- soulfood served fresh; Vol. 2 #9 p.19
Article by: Zsa Zsa M. Briones, MA Psych.

Rules of Attraction:

Some psychologists say that people tend to be attracted to individuals who are like themselves. Unknowingly, we gravitate toward some people with whom we share common likes and dislikes. When these two individuals come together, it may feel like an endless high because you share so much in common. You might feel like you found "the one" for you.

On the other hand, other researchers claim that people are captivated by their opposite, so the saying "opposites attract." People may be attracted to characteristics perceived lacking in themselves which are present in individuals who are their opposite. What the parties involved may not see is that the less obvious similarities may be present to bind them and attract them to each other more: religion, socio- economic status, upbringing, etc.

----> so what do you think is the real rule for attraction?!!


I found this post in a social networking site that I was a member years ago..haha
Boredom Kills
Men seek to fight, because of that, they tend to fight or kill each other. I think if aliens decided to colonize us, Men would be fighting to live for each other.


I thought about this after watching Battle: Los Angeles
Train of Life

D.N. Entry last Feb. 4, 2011

As a commuter, I learned to love trains.
Aside from the fact that I learned to love commuting of course.

I just observed that riding a train is like going through life.

A life [in a track] where you meet all kinds of people.
You may or may not converse with them, but one way of another, you passed on the same road.

There are those people [including myself] who always rush since I'm always late.
There are those who struggle just to fit in. Only to find out that the next train has a lot of space.

Some are unfortunate enough to be confronted of unusual technical difficulties.
But they would still ride on the train the next day, as if nothing happened.

While inside the train, we could observe those people seated. (Mostly women / Senior Citizens)
Maybe they are contented with their seat.
Although some would still give it up for somebody else.
Martyrdom? ..I'm just kidding. :P

During rush hours, more than half of the riders are standing, and this is when the real action is observed.

Many likes to be the first.
The first to go out of the train even if his/ her station is the farthest.
They would always stay beside the door.
Then they would be the loudest to complain that their foot has been stepped on.
They would also complain if people would be bumping them.

I wonder, why don't they leave the hazard area if it is causing them wounds?
Oh yeah, they won't.
Because they love to complain & they want to be the first to go out.

In a full packed train, we may observe that most of the people standing are holding unto "safety handrails."
Unfortunately, there are those times that you cannot hold unto anything.
That is when balancing takes place.

I just proven that people are more confident if they have somebody beside them, even if they are not holding unto something.
The force of inertia may make them fall, but those beside them could unconsciously support them.

If the train is not full and you are alone standing, be sure to hold unto the "safety handrails" or better yet, practice your balance.
As if you won't dive in case the train suddenly stops.

Good luck dude.


I usually ride the LRT line 1 train now. I was able to ride other trains such as the MRT and the LRT line 2. I decided to post pictures of the PNR instead since [for me] it is the most interesting train. Maybe I should ride the trains in Japan next time. :D

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Once a child
Born under the year of the Snake,

I am,..
Living in this world

I will,..
Die Sooner
or Later
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